Walking a fine line

Mr. Jew, if I may call you that, my good friend. I am alarmed by the misogynistic tenor of your recent posts. How dare you hate on Cokie Roberts but leave Tim Russert untouched by your bile!!!!! How can you hate on Sen. Clinton without also hating on... oh wait, Sen. Clinton's candidacy is actually setting back the cause of women who seek to accede to political leadership... nevermind.
But then this stuff about women not liking Rush or Billy Thorpe? What the hell's up with that? Do you really hate women that much? Has Chris Matthews eaten your brain and spit it out into Yusuf Islam's chamber pot? Speaking of which, isn't Another Cup the bestest album of the decade?
I think this must go back to your strict adherence to Leviticus. Would you agree?
And no, you may not cover your tracks by linking to some M H-L column. That doesn't cut it. I know this whole Cagen thing has clouded your vision of women -- dude, I've been there too. But you might think about listening to a few Alan Alda audiobooks. You'll try, OK? Promise?

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