Scatology of the day


Jew and I have intended to post some crumbs today, but just haven't gotten around to it. We are on tour in our old stomping grounds of Washington, DC, over the weekend to promote our new book, Sophie Kinsella's Remember Me? (uncredited ghostwriters)

My own input has been waylaid since I have recalled that the Washington Post has a full three pages of comics, so I have had to spend the whole day trying to catch up on old favorites such as: Big Nate and Pickles.

Meanwhile, Jew is doubled over in a raki-induced stupor, whining and sobbing at the all-too-easy take-down of his one wonk crush. And, I guess, he has reason to be upset. After all, isn't Samantha Power using the term "monster" analogous to Linnaeus using the term "insect" to designate an ant?

Now, that's what I call A Problem from Hell.

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