Back from Switzerland

As you may be able to tell from the post before last, I have returned from Switzerland with some small success. Most of the negatives had been -- alas -- overexposed. But I was able to salvage a couple of items from my collection.

All, in all, however, it's been kind of a tough day... First, getting over jetlag... Then having to wake up Easter morning without Johnny Hart to remind me of my own personal responsibility in killing Jesus... or my quaint, superseded faith (see below)

It is unfortunate, however, that one brilliant Easter comic strip (2001) should outshine the work of a lifetime, such that it is now somewhat challenging to find the many many many examples of Mr. Hart's theological insights in several years of Easter, Palm Sunday, X-Mas and whenever strips. But such is the price of prolific genius!

Then, of course, there was the pain of seeing Hibbert's Hoya's get bounced from the tournament -- and by the eminently likeable Stephen Curry, too!

But then, like a miracle cure to a Hoya hangover, I was able to watch the entire Pistons-Wizards match-up this evening, and beam with pride and wonderment at how amazingly efficient the DC half-court offense has become. It's a testament to what a brilliant coach Eddie Jordan is!

But -- whew -- that long flight has really done me in... I'll have to try to throw in some more on the Wizards' victory tomorrow.

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