Things I hate today

The mysterious way time and use have of picking apart a good pair of slippers -- the only pair of slippers one has ever loved... leaving one to tread barefoot on cold surfaces in strange -- unheimlich -- places. A man needs his slippers!

Downtown coffee shops that close at 7PM.

Client number 9

The bitter irony that my Wizards are responsible for destroying Chinatown in DC -- in the name of reviving it. Memo to Abe Pollin: Chipotle in Chinese is still Chipotle!

Bitter irony in general.

Loving Gad Elmaleh more than I hate Audrey Tautou.

Not hating Audrey Tautou all so much, but feeling pressure to reject her as evil since she nearly cancelled out Chiwetel Ejiofor's brilliant performance in Dirty Pretty Things...

Having to take sides between Baby Shambles and Dirty Pretty Things...

Not knowing whether Baby Shambles is a compound noun or a subject-verb sentence.

Syrian-Jewish playwrights.
(Memo to Syrian Jews: Iraqi Jews OWN you!)

Syrian Jewish playwrights who inject the "erudite black lesbian maid" trope into their narratives of community in order to shirk the double responsibilities of character and plot development. (Hmm... how can I make this more dramatic? ) Good fish scene, though.

Unassimilated Jews' petty revenge on assimilated Jews.

Nurturing righteous indignation under the impression that Hollywood was going to remake the greatest BBC miniseries of all time, only to learn that it's a different miniseries... so one can go ahead continuing to respect the director of The Last King of Scotland. But where does all that indignation go?

The way campaign news cycles and gubernatorial sex scandals have of distracting the media from the only story that matters: Chris Noth is still not in Hell.

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