People who love me today (and some housekeeping)

Lifetime network executives: They have blessed me today with the greatest idea in Sunday TV theme movie marathons: The Perfect Sunday. This includes a lineup of The Perfect Neighbor, The Perfect Marriage, The Perfect Wife, The Perfect Nanny, and The Perfect Assistant. Now, it is only natural for you to have some questions about such an exceptional line-up. First: For any fans of Riptide, you'll want to know when Perry King became a Lifetime repertory player. You'll probably also wonder how Perry King is different from Bruce Boxleitner. Let me be the first to tell you: I've figured this out the hard way, believe me...

For those willing to probe deeper, you will notice that these movies supposedly about perfection, are actually about the opposite: The Perfect Nanny? Not so good. The Perfect Neighbor? Yeah, like In Hell! The Perfect Wife? If you like your wives psychotic. The Perfect Marriage? For vodka-saturated Russians perhaps. The Perfect Assistant? Golly, get your own coffee!

Is this a greater statement about where we are as a society? Some people may say that that's pushing it. I say "YES!" We have decided that "Perfect" isn't good anymore. We don't like "Perfect" because we are taught from an early age that "Nobody's Perfect!" Thus necessarily, we wonder about people who are too good to be true. "They must be psychotic," they say. Well, I'll take "Perfect" anyday to today's Cagenized society, where anybody with a pen and paper can trade in cliches and posturing! Is Lifetime endorsing such a Cagenized society by putting together this Perfect lineup of movies. I don't think so. Isn't it more of a pushback against the patriarchy that has spent centuries trying to fit women into ideal roles -- which has only been enhanced in our electronic super-conductor age -- that Lifetime is trying to tell us, "Men, be careful what you ask for!"

Other people who love me today:
My mother.

The housekeeping portion of this post:
As you can see, ASM and I have resolved the technology issues we have confronted since our unfortunate rollover accident. The casual reader may now expect less casual posting from us.

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