Le Modem, tout le monde le veux... le DSL, not so much

Hey Segolene! Your victory in the first round of the municipals is showing!!!

Word to Francois Bayrou's (sorry, LIJ left me with this stupid keyboard that's missing all the accent markings) mother: You are not going to win anything with a name like MoDem! People are tired of waiting around. I know it's all the rage to change the name of your party in order to win elections (c.f. UMP circa 2002) but MoDem is, like, a serious faux pas! Try uploading a new name: HDTV!

Meanwhile, this may be the first round of elections ever to bear witness to a "Supermodel Backlash!" Word to Nicolas Sarkozy: Have you forgotten the immortal words of Guy Mardel?

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