Things I hate today

Hillary Clinton channeling Pervez Musharraf:

Not just the constant attempt to change the rules and the use of the rhetoric of fear and instability to obtain/maintain power...

but the pathological need to be seen surrounded by military officers reveals either an unremittingly hawkish worldview or a grim, deep-seated cynicism and insecurity.

Natalie Portman: She is potentially one of the worst actresses working in Hollywood today. Moreover, I have always felt that her acting was bad in a way that conveys blank, wretched stupidity. (Kind of like a reverse Clive Owen, whose genius appears to penetrate his acting, giving his delivery the thrust of a healthy credibility to the point that even his skin exudes intelligence.) Yet her endorsement of Clinton reveals such a profound absence of thought, that she actually becomes the ideal empty vessel with which to communicate the true message of the Clinton campaign:
A lot of the stuff people say about her, I hear it and my stomach falls because it's so sexist. You ask people why they don't like her and it's because her husband cheated on her! That was obviously not her choice. She's so much more polished and experienced than anyone else. Last night, a friend, a social worker in L.A. who works with underprivileged kids, was saying how these girls who have never been interested in politics before are so excited that a woman might be president. I mean, look how many women are in government...Hillary's one of, what, [a handful of] female senators?
Okay, I've tried, but haven't been able to find one substantive political argument for supporting Clinton there. Score one for the "Solutions" candidate!

Faux xenophobic Dunkin Donuts ads:

First, it is very likely that they are actually referring to Italian and not French, when talking about coffee size. Call me crazy, but I don't recall entering a $3+ coffee shop where the sizes are actually listed in French. If I had, I might have tipped extra just for the effort. Then, the whole complex menu plus "Deici" instead of "large" bit is just torture. I mean, Dunkin' Donuts is trying to sell frickin' LATTE (font size Deici -- in Fritalian). Either stick to your own frickin' bizness model and sell coffee, or don't bludgeon other coffee shops for selling Latte! (which is Italian)

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