Things I hate today

Individually wrapped prunes... Man, you would think that Sunsweet is trying to crack down on prunefreaks like myself who just can't get enough of prune-bingeing (believe me, it's good stuff!). Now, who wants to waste their time unpacking a prune. I can eat a whole canister over the course of a Lifetime TV movie, and now -- with this individually wrapped nonsense -- it would probably take me a Lifetime move plus the episode of Your momma don't dance that follows to devour those little pouches of juicy, plumness.

I guess these could be useful come Halloween, though. I've always had a problem finding ways to package my prunes before giving them to trick-or-treaters.

(While I'm on the subject of Lifetime movies, tomorrow night, watch for the chick from Walkout to star in Odd Girl Out. If we can judge from her "tormented but brave and determined youth" performance in said HBO movie, OGO looks to be pretty special.)

But back on the subject of hating: Man, don't you hate executive assistants who fall in love with their bosses? Like, how tacky is that. And then, of all things, to have the nerve to show up at the office dinner party after you've been fired... and with a gun!

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