Does this guy look Iraqi... or why my hosts hate women

As some may already know, I am staying with some of (75%) my blog readership in Philadelphia. They lured me on the promise of cheesesteak, and all I got was a stupid bowl of pho and egg soda and spring rolls and papaya salad with jerky... plus some hot pickles and other stuff...

Anyway, they really hate women. For example, they think that there is nothing on TV, even though there is a show on CNN called On Danger's Ground, which is all about women in Iraq... but they only want to watch it in order to prove to me that Brit Naveen Andrews looks Iraqi. So far, there is not one Naveen Andrews-looking Iraqi on the program. Not even the women.

Also, they refuse to make it a theme night of "Women on Danger's Ground", finding no interest in the harrowing story of Alyssa Milano as a mob wife in Lifetime's superb original movie Wisegal!

Get me outta here!

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