Sunday Papers: Comics R Gud

Speaking of Sunday Papers: Whatever happened to Joe Jackson? Everybody seems to like that Jack Johnson fellow, now. I guess there are just 2 kinds of people in the world: Canadians and people who hate Canadians. Like, I hate Canadians, except for Bryan Adams, because he's actually Maltese, and the Maltese make good things with honey, similar to Erykah Badu...

But, as everybody knows, my least favorite Canadian (after Celine Dion) must be Lynn Johnston... and I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a certain amount of Schadenfreude in learning that her retirement plans were waylaid by a certain marriage ending dalliance that her Canadian husband had... I mean who could live for so long with a woman who has traded in Schmalz for nearly thirty years!!!!!!!! (Yes, this is a post I've been procrastinating on for, like, four months. So what?) I mean, can you imagine their dinner table conversation:
"Honey, how many gay friends did you say hello to today while cleaning up after your dog while laughing at the moral lessons our young imaginary daughter has learned by playing in a band and teaching eskimos? By the way, did you get a chance to visit your drooling father at the nursing home, while thinking about the irony of mortality and how sometimes the greatest life lessons we learn bloom like dandelions through concrete, rather than like daffodils in pastures?"

Gimme a BREAK!!!!!!

Anyway, today, Lynn obviously tried to get revenge by re-issuing an early strip in which Mr. Dentist character tries to starve an infant Elizabeth. Of course, don't worry: we all know Elizabeth turns out OK other than being brain-damaged like every other For Better or For Worse character...

In other interesting developments, Mooch -- of Mutts fame -- somehow counterintuitively uses some kind of backscartcher to pull down a vase from an armoire, when we all know that cats are capable of jumping onto armoires.

Rose continues to be Rose in "Rose is Rose." However, there is a more mystical bent to today's strip, with one of the younger character surrounded by an ominous necklace of green skulls which is never fully explained.

Opus is HILARIOUS as always. And Blondie prooves more astuste at dissecting office politics than the overrated Dilbert.

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