Worst week ever

What is hell? My own personal definition has always somehow incorporated Chris Noth... whether it is spending an eternity in the same room with the man, or an eternity watching him on television in one of those Crime Scene Investigation shows.
I believe, though, that some more Christian-leaning folks may see hell as the opposite of, say, heaven; and some Christians accede to heaven by resisting temptation on earth. They stand to benefit, one assumes, by reaping a reward in the afterlife. In this case, wouldn't hell be a place of eternal temptation where everything in which you wished to indulge was laid out before you but... just... out... of... reach?

Well, that's kind of what this week is for me. In its infinite wisdom, the University of Georgia has somehow decided to make the multiple-final-project-inducing final week of spring semester coincide with all of the following:
  • The start of the NBA Playoffs
  • The return of Gossip Girl with new episodes

  • The opening in theaters of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo

Oh Lord, how did it come to this?
Which reminds me -- Pesach? All this and Pesach too?

Yup, AI pretty much sums up my attitude toward this week.

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