Memphis wins!

Have you asked yourself: "Who really won last night?"
Well, according to my data, there is no way that Kansas actually won an NCAA title last night. Memphis was actually leading in all major categories that count. Also, think of the psychological pain that it will cause to these kids -- FOREVER -- to know that they were on the path to certain victory, and they lost because of something called missed free throws! Do words mean anything anymore? They're called FREE throws for Chrissakes! You might as well call 'em AUTOMATIC points!

Do you really want this guy to go through the rest of his life like Chris Webber, the bitterness of having won before losing it hanging around his neck, weighing down his talent, until all the sweetness slips out of his sick game like a rotted plum... and he will ever be, the rest of his life, this close to a championship...


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