In which Dear Prudence explains Hillary's Demo

You thought I was the only one who can dole out advice, relationship or otherwise. Well, actually, Slate's Prudence does an awful good job of it herself. Today's column reveals the truth behind Hillary Clinton's demographic:

I'm associated with a group of corporate ladies, all of us in our 60s. We are giving a 65th birthday tea for one of our friends, using her guest list. It's a mixed group of women, and most people don't know one another. So the other hostesses have insisted on name tags. I hate the idea. This is not a corporate affair; it's a private party. I think it's insulting to the guests (there are only 20 of us) and indirectly a reminder of our age and our memory capacity. I'm in the minority and going along with the group (although my name tag will disappear like chewing gum under the seat sometime during the tea). But, for future reference, so I can come armed with an objective opinion the next time this occurs: What is modern etiquette on name tags? Has the corporate world so permeated our private lives that we actually think this is proper? By the way, I remember a Hillary Clinton fundraiser years ago, where a very savvy Washingtonian removed her name tag before having her picture taken with Hillary—it made her look more like a friend. Stupidly, I kept mine on.
Just one note, here. Lady, don't crumple your name tag and leave it under the table!!!! That's such a pain for the service to pick up. Put it in your purse lady... Maybe you'll bury it there with your Clinton vote.

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