Things I hate about This Week

Umm... How did it happen that the falsehood that if you raise capital gains taxes it lowers revenues gain common currency -- with absolutely NO examination in the media?

Umm... How convenient is it that -- post 21st debate outrage -- G-Steph gets to surround himself with the biggest softball, dumb-as-dirt panel: Sam & Cokie and G-Will? What about regular Katrina VandenHovel, who was deeply from her Nation podium? I mean, by skirting any real confrontation about their debate, how does ABC re-establish its bonafides?

By the way, remind me how such relentlessly stupid people are allowed to opine on television?

Umm... I have spent the last several weeks being appalled by Hillary Clinton. After listening to McCain today, I am super-appalled by McCain. The winning strategy for Obama, I think, is to challenge him sufficiently in debates on the issues about which McCain is clearly just blowing snot out of his ass... until McCain gets so pissed off that he scares away all voters -- or gets an aneurysm (whichever comes first).

By the way, Cokie is currently arguing for the continuation of "business as usual in Washington" on the grounds that she seems to believe Obama is proposing constitutional revisions that eliminate "checks and balances." Too bad that's already been done...

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