NBA Playoff Turk-Watch: Memo gegen Hedo, Rd 1

Mehmet Okur and Hidayet Turkoglu are now each at the Uludag of their games. Their teams are fighting for playoff respect. On the road to a sampiyonsip, one question must be answered: Which Turkish baller would make Ataturk most proud...
So far,
Memo has 4 points on 2 for 8 shooting with 8 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 turnovers in 32 minutes during the Jazz's game 1 win.

Meanwhile, in the Magic's In-grown Toronto-nailing, Hedo scored 21 points on 9 for 15 shooting, adding 6 dimes and 6 boards in his 38 minutes.

Round 1: Hedo

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