Things I hate today


Last week, it's French luxury yachts... Now, its Spanish tuna fishers (who, according to one commenter, are of course the "real pirates" -- which makes pirates just that much worse)... Whatever happened to the "Old School" pirates... Pirates these days are all "bitch" this... "ho" that... and I'm like, "Matey, do you kiss your scullery maid with that beard?"

old school pirate

Too much Ginger Ale and not enough Cel-Ray!
If people even overcame the idea "Celery Soda?" and tasted it, I am sure that the world (and designated drivers) would be drinking Cel-Ray and not Coca-Cola. Why doesn't the International Zionist Conspiracy stay on top of these things!

Too much Miley Cyrus and not enough Emily Osment! Hey Hannah, why not giving Lilly one of those both worlds that you're always bragging about!

Zack, for always shitting on Cody and leaving him holding the bag...

...unless I've got that the other way around.

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