Travel Plans

I am leaving in some hours for Chicago, where I will take part in the week-long, "Annual Cootie Camp for Gifted Boys." If you're unfamiliar with the camp, it is a really special opportunity for gifted, inner city kids to learn how to avoid cooties. I will be there in my capacity of "faculty mentor." I will be guiding the kids through a workshop entitled "The Right Kind of Weird." Using my tested methodologies, the children participating in the workshop will learn techniques to avoid cooties such as endless dandruff, back-pimple picking in class, what to bring to lunch, and which type of marker to use when drawing on hands and arms.

I've been doing this with my summers going on several years, now, and I have to say, sometimes I feel like they're the teachers and I'm the student.

But with service comes sacrifice: I am not sure how much time I will be able to devote to the blog each day. Hopefully, Monkey will pick up some of the slack with more of his fascinating updates from Vienna.

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