Break out the raki... I'm about to have a good cry

Meanwhile, the real victim, our foreign policy, and Obama's sterling vision thereof keeps sacrificing itself upon the altar of ludicrous campaign-induced litmus tests.

First, there was super-wonk and human rights community icon, Samantha Power...

Now, Algeria expert and brilliant analyst of the Peace Process, Rob Malley gets thrown overboard by Team Obama apparently due to having spoken with people in occupied Palestine.

It would be nice to, as usual, blame everything on the Jews and the extent to which the US Zionist lobby is the most asinine, self-in-foot-shooting organization that ever existed... but, for reasons that will be explained later, I am indefinitely forswearing any self-hating chic. But it just seems that there is some kind of establishment thinking in DC that requires that people who make foreign policy not talk to anybody who may be affected by our policies, and, more to the point, that they waste everybody's time engaging in blustery national security pissing matches.

Now, Samantha Power and Rob Malley are both pretty unique voices who seem to presage the awesome renewal in Obama's vision... this latest just reveals how painful the process changing the status quo can be. Having met RM, this feels -- of course -- even worse. The thrill of thinking that I was just one degree removed from Obama's foreign policy shop -- gone, baby, gone. Someone, get me some raki, stat!

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