Interesting Facts for my Monkey

Yeah, ASM, I guess I've been a bit absent this weekend. For one thing, I'm trying to work on a couple of proposals for a conference, and then I guess I kind of got caught up reading upwards of 65,000 comments on blog postings about Hillary's infamous RFK reference. "I find it curious," but judging from what I've read, it seems Hitler has had a lasting influence on the modern Democratic Party, and that the specific social and political context of Weimar Germany is actually much broader than I had previously believed, such that various phenomena related to the rise of the Third Reich (enthusiastic college kids, for example) are actually quite applicable to today's political dynamics. Now, I knew that Jonah Goldberg was on that train, but I was surprised to find quite a number of blog readers riding shotgun.

While, I was at first concerned about the poll showing that over 25% of Democratic voters wouldn't support Obama in November, I realized from my readings that 90% of that 25% would spontaneously combust between June 3rd and the convention.

It's funny that you ran into Carl Barat, though. I was just thinking how one of the Dirty Pretty Things' songs would be appropriate as the new Clinton campaign theme:


Anonymous said...

Hilary will not surrender to Obozo in June because that would show a lack of respect for RFK's legacy! Nor will she bow out in November, since that was the month in which JFK was assassinated! Nor can show leave in May, since that was the month in which Teddy's cancer was discovered! Obozo is stuck with Hilary, because, unlike Obozo, she respects the legacy of the Kennedys, who are on her mind now more than ever!

Marty said...

Taylor, you anonymous dog (see, I'm not calling you a B-I-T-C-H, so that you can't accuse me of being a misogynist)if Hillary campaigns through November, she will be just like Hitler, who invaded Poland in the Fall! Just like your friend, George Soros.