Kevin Durant is the Shit

Kevin Durant has given Michelle Shocked something to be shocked about again. Talk about Red Hot and Blue! Durant was looking all of that Thursday night -- except he was in green and not blue -- as he put the ball through the hole more times than my head has been dunked under for a chocolate swirlie.

As everybody knows, after Law IV, Joakim Noah, Dominic McGuire, Nick Young and Al Horford, Jeff Green and Kevin Durant have always been my favorite rookies. Well, they both made some noise in Seattle last night. (Except noone could hear it 'cus it was Supersonic -- get it?) Even after Doug "Destroy Kwame Brown's self-esteem for life" Collins took expectations down a notch, saying stuff like inDurantz (shhh... I'm seeing if it will catch on) was too young to carry the load in the fourth quarter, he still sank a three and a two back to back, making you believe that a run was possible. More than that, though, is the way he just looked cold doing it. Now I know that the Suns don't actually have anyone to put a body on the rook. Nevertheless, it looks like he and his buddy Jeff will be playing for rings a few years out... just hoping it won't be in the OK.

Meanwhile, Amare is still competing with Gilbert for the name of my first born son. I'm liking Gilbert's chances if he pulls out another last second three tonight against the Celtics... and sending the game to overtime doesn't count.

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