Things I hate today, special Cokie Roberts edition

Okay, Cokie is probably climbing up my list to Chris Noth-type altitudes... And it's probably worse that she can still be found on television in forms other than syndication.

I can't be the only one who is baffled by such a glib response to one of the most devastatingly glib Supreme Court decisions in recent memory as "People have to understand that elections have consequences!" Oh, do they? Do they usually have the consequence of overturning 90 years of precedent in dealing with anti-trust legislation? Do they usually have the consequence of overturning a landmark decision that has defined our understanding of racial justice for over 50 years? Are we allowed a reasonable expectation that such a momentous and devastating decision, if made, should be based on some higher form of argument than the blithely oblivious sloganeering of "the best way to stop discrimination is to stop discriminating." A decision that demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of our nation's divisive history and enduring injustices, and furthermore a phrase that sounds more like a political rebuke than jurisprudence.

So, no, Cokie, I don't think such radical repositioning of our country is what people expect from elections. If elections were supposed to have such consequences, shouldn't the newly elected Congress have the constitutional power to re-stack the Supreme Court? (Speaking of which, has anybody checked to see if Justices Roberts and Alito are still using their Republican National Committee e-mail addresses?)

Does Cokie Roberts have any idea that people actually live in this country and have to face the realities created by public policy decisions? Or does she just think that politics is a strip club, where she can venture in as a "sociological experiment", later to be laughed about with her buddies, Sam and George...

Perhaps I shouldn't continue watching This Week with George Stephanopolous anymore... Perhaps the kind of nostalgia over the Clinton administration that keeps me hooked is misplaced and would better be devoted to downloading Barack Obama ringtones.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Cokie Roberts is TERRIBLE! She's just a shill for the neo-cons and business establishment. Watching that bug-eyed idiot is a good way to get on Prozac...not to mention they use her TV apprearances to torture inmates at Guantanamo....