Reminder: A Day without Scarves

Tomorrow, June 21 is the day we have declared action against the Oppressive Dunkin Donuts Regime (ODDR). Here's how you can make your voice heard:

  1. DO NOT wear a scarf, no matter how tempted you are to accessorize.
  2. Go to the nearest Dunkin Donuts.
  3. Order a "Deici Frapped Mochislamofascichino."
  4. When asked to repeat your order, ask for one dozen maple frosted donuts (may be replaced by French crullers and/or chocolate honey-dipped.
  5. Pay in cash.
  6. Include with your payment, a 3X5 yellow index card with the words "Free Rachael Ray's paisley scarf!" written on either side.
  7. Once you have your Donuts and change, leave the store.
  8. Eat the Donuts.
  9. DO NOT put a scarf on even after leaving the store and returning home.
  10. Repeat steps 1-9 as necessary.
Thank you for your cooperation. Together, we can defeat the forces of xenophobia and racism in our midst (unless they happen to be the Italian national team, in which case we will be forced to tolerate them for 90 incredibly boring and frustratingly sad minutes.)

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